Dr Liezl du Toit


I believe that a positive body image improves quality of life and the perception of well being. Therefore I strive to provide every patient with the best quality of specialized treatment, from the first consultation, through to personal post operative care. This I do in a safe, caring and relaxing environment.  Being one of the few female plastic surgeons in Cape Town, I find that more and more ladies feel comfortable to voice their concerns.

Additional to surgery I am passionate about Botox and Fillers and regularly attend international workshops to stay at the frontline of this exciting field.

I believe that it is essential that my patients are fully informed about the surgical procedure, risks, benefits and expected postoperative course. I like to see my patients at least twice before surgery (charging only for the first consultation). 

At the time of the consultation, sometimes complex medical procedures will be explained in understandable, non-medical terms, ensuring that patients have a clear understanding of all the aspects of their procedure. 

Plastic surgery requires an artistic eye and an expert hand. I am dedicated to a natural looking result, delicate work and structure and find great reward in the human interaction.
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